Brackets Zotero Integration Extension

Brings the power of Zotero to Adobe Brackets

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Designed to support Scholarly Markdown + Pandoc / Scholdoc + LaTeX workflow

Available in Brackets Extension Registry

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If a (still) picture is worth a thousand words then an (animated) GIF must be worth a thousand pictures. So, see the extension in action!

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Main Features

Scans the document for in-text citations (BibTeX keys)

Search and reference items from your local Zotero Library

Insert Citations in your Scholarly Markdown documents

Insert Bibliography in the document

Generate Bibliography in a separate BibTeX File

Installation and Usage

Install Zotero Integration extension inside Brackets. See this guide for detailed instructions.

Download Zotero Better BibTeX verion 0.7.11 or later and install it.

Open Zotero preferences; navigate to Better Bib(La)TeX section; under the Import/Export tab, check Enable Export by HTTP.

Restart Zotero (or Firefox if running Zotero as a plugin).

Select all items in Zotero library, right-click and select Generate BibTeX key. This may take a while. If it hangs, try again. It is important to generate BibTeX keys for this extension to work as intended. See this page if you want to customize the citation key.

Now you are all set to experience the goodness of Zotero in Brackets.


If you run into any problem, please take some time to report the issue.


Special thanks to the man behind Better Bib(La)TeX for swift merging of the proposed functionality that this plugin relies on, and also greatly improving and optimizing the contributed code.

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